American fridge freezer repairs in Livingston

American fridge freezers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe,American_fridge_freezer first appearing in our homes in the 1970s.
Most households are used to the traditional design of fridge and freezer stacked on top of each other, an American style appliance is unique because it places them side by side. However you must be cautious when choosing the correct appliance engineer to repair your fridge freezer. Because they are not as popular yet as our standard fridge freezers, many appliance engineers are not as conversant with them as they should be.
Rest assured that we are not only conversant with these appliances we are specialists in their repair

We are the Main Premier Service Centre for Samsung

Being approved as a premier service centre for a reputable manufacturer such as Samsung should assure you of the skill our engineers possess. However, we also repair the following makes of American fridge freezers.
We repair all faults associated with American fridge freezers but common problems you may encounter are:
Fridge not cooling? Freezer not freezing properly? Noisy fans? Ice makers? Door seals? Water bottles? Filter changes? Door alignments? Whatever your fault or your needs we can resolve it for you quickly, efficiently, and a very reasonable price.
Not sure what the problem is or what it may cost? No problem why not use our diagnostic check? For a very reasonable fixed price of just £29-99! No commitment, no hassle. One of our highly qualified engineers will visit your home and diagnose the problem for a guaranteed price of £29-99. To book a diagnostic check at a fixed price please contact us

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